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School and Adolescent Health Unit


Functions of the Unit

  1. Develop policy & strategic plan on School Health and Adolescent Health.
  2. Provide technical guidance on School and Adolescent Health to Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education.
  3. Provide technical expertise in improving quality of school and adolescent health activities through development of guidelines,standards,protocols ect.
  4. Provide technical guidance in surveillance,monitoring and supervising activities with regard to School and Adolescent Health.
  5. Coordinate all the activities conducted by national stake holders of school health program and provincial authorities.
  6. Develop and implement training programs to build the capacity of public health staff, Education staff,Children and parents on School and Adolescent Health.
  7. Procurement and distribution of anthropometric equipments and micronutrients for school health program.
  8. Monitor and evaluate schools and adolescent health program.
  9. Develop supplementary books on health related tropics and IEC materials for adolescents teachchers and parents to facilitate health promomotion of school children and adolescents.
  10. Convene National Coordinating committee on School health meetings(chaired by DDG/PHSII)


Publications Guidelines

Training Manual on Life Skills

(in Sinhala & Tamil)
Guideline on School Health Program
Suplementary booklet for parents on mental health promotion of adolescents(Sinhala & Tamil) Guideline on Health promoting Schools(Sinhala & Tamil)
Supplementary booklet for teachers on mental health promotion of adolescents(Sinhala & Tamil) Circular on Medical Inspection of School Children & referrals to hospitals. (Gen Circular Letter:02-32/2002)
Supplementary booklet for adolescents on mental health promotion of adolescents(Sinhala & Tamil ) Circular on Monitoring of the quality and safety of the School Midday Meal Program(Gen Circular:01-18/2006)
Nawa Yown Asiriya Circular on Adolescent Health Responsible organization within the Ministry of Health(Gen Circular:01/07/2007)
Assessment of Nutritional Status -Growth chart book Circular on Special Program for Iron Folate supplementation of adolescent school children-year 2009(Gen Circular:01-06/2009)
Training manual on Adolescent Friendly Health Services(Sinhala & Tamil) Circular on Adolescent health care in the field(Gen Circular:01-36/2010)

Asthma Pdiththo


Name Designation Telephone (0fficial)
Dr Ayesha Lokubalasuriya Consultant Community Physician +94112692746
Dr Manjula Danansuriya Consultant Community Physician +94112692746
Dr Moksha Yaggahavita Medical Officer +94112692746
Ms B.M.N.D Batugedara Public Health Nursing Sister
Dr.H.L.H Chinthika Medical Officer
Mr R P Nuwan Sameera PHI +94112692746
Mr Anil Karunathilaka Development Assistant